Daniel Bryan Believes This Is His Last Run As A Full-Time Wrestler

daniel bryan

Photo by Sarah Sachs/Arizona Diamondbacks/Getty Images

Daniel Bryan has had his fair share of legendary moments inside of a WWE ring, but according to the superstar, his current act as a full-time wrestler may soon be coming to an end. Speaking during the latest episode of Talking Smack, Bryan hinted that his current run on SmackDown would likely be his last as a full-time performer.

“I haven’t said anything about this, but in my mind, this is my last run. This is my last run as a full-time superstar,” he said (transcription via Post Wrestling’s Andrew Thompson). When asked whether or not he was providing some sort of scoop, Bryan simply said that he’s someone who doesn’t look to prove people wrong in the ring, and is content just proving things to himself. “Well, it’s not really a scoop. I think you can feel it in even just the way I approach things and the way my mentality is as far as my view towards younger people and all that kind of stuff and when I do this — as I’m doing this last run, my thing isn’t like, ‘I gotta prove to everybody that I’m the best.’ When I’m out there, I’m proving things to myself.”

This isn’t the first time that Bryan has spoken about ending things as a full-time wrestler, so it’s not too surprising to see the superstar mention it once again. Bryan’s debut on SmackDown came earlier this month, so it’ll be interesting to see how he finishes up his run, and if he gets the opportunity for one last championship shot. 

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