Murphy Refuses To Apologize To Seth Rollins, Is Saved By Aalyah Mysterio

buddy murphy

Photo Credit: Flickr / Miguel Discart

“The Messiah” Seth Rollins and his disciple Buddy Murphy continue to have a rocky relationship.

After Rollins badmouthed Aalyah Mysterio and revealed more of her Instagram DMs to Murphy, his disciple told Rollins that he owes Aalyah an apology. Rollins refused to do so and instead said that Murphy owed him an apology and had until 10 p.m. to do so.

Once 10 p.m. came, Murphy refused to apologize and instead attacked Rollins with a kendo stick. Rollins would eventually say he was sorry in order to stop the attack, but it was all a lie and Rollins attempted to gouge Murphy’s eyes afterward. Aalyah and the rest of the Mysterio family then came down to the ring to defend Murphy from a further attack, but they then left him in the ring all alone.

Surely this telenovela has more drama to come.

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