WWE RAW Results (10/5/20)

WWE RAW ResultsWWE RAW Results 

October 5, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Backstage, Randy Orton says he was supposed to leave Clash of Champions as the WWE Champion. Instead, Orton left in an ambulance. Orton doesn’t remember a lot from that right but he remembers everyone who attacked him during the match. It made Orton sick to see Drew McIntyre standing in the ring with the legends that attacked him holding the WWE Championship. Every action has a reaction. Orton had to remind HBK, Big Show, Christian, and Ric Flair who he is. Orton recounts his attack on the legends in explicit detail. Orton says McIntyre still has hell to pay. McIntyre burst into the room and attacks Orton. McIntyre tells Orton he doesn’t have to turn off the lights to get to him. Referees and officials pull McIntyre off of Orton.

Zelina Vega, Natalya, and Lana vs. Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, and Asuka

Natalya and Brooke trade pin attempts and headlocks. Brooke catches Natalya in a spinning head-scissors. Brooke gets a near fall. Rose tags in and slams Natalya for a near fall. Vega pulls Asuka off the apron. Asuka hits her face. Vega and Co take turns beating down Rose. Natalya tries to put Rose in the Sharpshooter. Rose kicks Natalya away and tags in Asuka. Asuka clears the ring with multiple hip attacks. Asuka blasts Lana with a pop-up knee. Rose tags herself in. Lana doesn’t realize it. Asuka misses a hip attack. Lana turns around and Rose destroys her with a pump knee strike for the win.

Winners- Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke, and Asuka

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler powerwalk down to the ring. Vega gets out of dodge. Jax puts Lana through the announce table again.




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