Keith Lee On Beating Randy Orton: Now The Ball Is In Drew McIntyre’s Court

Keith Lee

Keith Lee handled business against Randy Orton, but now The Limitless One knows it’s Drew McIntyre’s turn to do the same.

Sarah Schreiber post-victory caught up with Lee to get his thoughts on his landmark win yesterday evening against The Viper and took a few moments to let fans know that he so happened to embrace the term “payback” this week.

“I call this enormous. The magnitude can’t exactly be calculated. Every one talks about, ‘Keith Lee’s debut didn’t go exactly as planned and it’s all fine and dandy, because today is the aptly named Payback and I think I got exactly that, not just for me but for my friend Drew McIntyre and what bigger place to do it than a PPV against The Legend Killer. The Viper, The Apex Predator, well he just met The Limitless One. Now, Mr. Drew McIntyre, I know you’ll be just fine. The ball’s in your court Time for you to handle business too, like I did today. Feeling very large and in charge.” Lee smiles before thanking Schreiber and walking off.

The Limitless One is beaming after taking down Randy Orton at WWE Payback.

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