Step One Is Complete For The Hurt Business, Big E Is Uncontainable After Beating Sheamus

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Step One Is Complete For The Hurt Business

At WWE Payback, Bobby Lashley defeated Apollo Crews to win the WWE United States Championship. In a WWE Exclusive, the Hurt Business celebrated this victory.:

MVP: “You ask Apollo about satisfaction because obviously, he is another satisfied client of the Hurt Business. Our business is hurt, and I think if you talk to Apollo Crews right now, his neck is hurt, his ribs are hurt and his feelings are hurt.”

“I knew what we were capable of. This is step one. I promise you that step two is coming. ”

Big E Is Uncontainable After Beating Sheamus

Big E earned a huge win at WWE Payback when he defeated Sheamus. In a WWE Exclusive, Big E reflected on his successful night.

“It feels really good to take a man like Sheamus and pick him up and throw him down,” said Big E. “And then pick him up again and throw him down. That’s really my specialty is picking things up and throwing them down.”

“I respect him, I respect his abilities I respect his height, I respect the Brogue, the Brogue and the fella but I don’t fear it,” said Big E. “Sometimes, you can respect but not fear, ya hear?”

“No I didn’t worry Sarah, I didn’t worry about ol’ Sheamy defeating me. Do you know what kind of run I’m trying to make, do you know what kind of path I’m trying to carve? Do you know on a Sunday, on this blessed Suuuuunday, that I have a mission, I have a direction and I must run through Sheamus O’Shaunessey. I don’t know if you know if you know he used to have a last night in FCW it was Sheamus ‘what?'”

Sarah was caught off guard by the pop quiz: “Oh, sugar, I was just so excited about your -”

“You got to listen! You got to listeeeeen!”

You don’t just have to listeeeeen but you can watch the entire interview below:

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