WWE Payback Results (8/30/20)

WWE Payback Results 

August 30, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Kickoff Show

The Riott Squad vs. The IIconics

Kay immediately tries Shades of Kay but she misses. Kay sends Riott into Morgan’s knees. Royce paintbrushes the back of Riott’s head as she is distracted by Kay. Riott chases Royce around the ring. Riott runs right into Shade of Kay by Kay. Kay tosses Riott back into the ring. Kay and Royce take turns working over Riott.

Kay pushes Riott into Morgan knocking her off the apron. Morgan is upset and motions as if she is leaving. Riott is crawling to their corner by Morgan isn’t there. Morgan decides to tag Riuott. Morgan clears the ring. Morgan stomps Royce. Morgan tags in Riott. Morgan gets dumped out of the ring. Kay and Royce hit Dejavu on Riott. Morgan breaks up the pin. Morgan drags Riott back to the corner to make the tag. Riott and Morgan hit a combo code breaker/Riott Kick for the win.

Winners- The Riott Squad

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