Rey And Dominik Mysterio Get Revenge, Beat Seth Rollins And Murphy At WWE Payback

rey mysterio

Photo Credit: WWE

The lengthy feud between the Mysterio family and Seth Rollins continued at WWE Payback. Rey and Dominik Mysterio took on Rollins and Murphy in a tag team match. Dominik immediately took the fight to Rollins and Murphy. A diving arm drag sent Rollins to the outside, and Dominik had clearly frustrated Rollins. Dominik continued to dominate, and he double-teamed Murphy with Rey. Rollins squared off with Rey, but the Monday Night Messiah dropped Rey with a Gutbuster.

Rollins and Murphy showcased the chemistry that once led them to the WWE RAW Tag Team Championship. Rey rallied and tagged Dominik, but Rollins planted him with a Falcon Arrow. Murphy and Rollins isolated Dominik, but the young star dodged a diving Rollins to earn some breathing room. Rey tagged in and took control of the match. He got a two count with a moonsault on a standing Rollins.

Dominik hit Murphy with a tornado DDT, but Rollins planted Rey with a backbreaker. He rocked Rey with a kick to the face, but the match broke down into chaos. Murphy and Rollins slammed Dominik into the barricade. A reversal from Rey caused Murphy to accidentally blast Rollins with a kick. Dominik pinned Murphy with a 619 and a frog splash.

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