Matt Riddle Upsets King Corbin At WWE Payback

matt riddle

Photo Credit: WWE

At WWE Payback, Matt Riddle faced King Corbin, hoping to prove he belongs on WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Meanwhile, Corbin said he aimed to expose Riddle as a failure. Corbin immediately attacked Riddle and dominated the match early on. Riddle rallied with some kicks, but Corbin slammed his way out of an armbar. A sleeper hold briefly tipped the scales in Riddle’s favor, but Corbin powered his way out of that, too.

Corbin floored Riddle with a clothesline and continued to ground him. The king took too long to brag, and Riddle tried to capitalize. But Corbin maintained control with a stiff elbow. Riddle used a UFC-like kick to the head to gain some momentum. Several more strikes, including a running knee, earned Riddle a two count. Both men were down after Riddle kicked Corbin in the midsection.

Corbin got a near fall with a Deep Six. Riddle hit the Bro to Sleep and the Floating Bro for the win. Corbin attacked Riddle backstage after the match.

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