‘How The Mighty Have Fallen’: Crowbar Hits Hard Against WWE RAW Underground


Crowbar holds little distaste back for the “bottom feeder” fans of “the demographic.”

Last week, the former WCW released a promo running down the niche of death match wrestling and now he set his sights on RAW Underground.

Crowbar is once more seen sipping wine by his bay window as he begins his latest diatribe against one of WWE’s latest attempts at catching eyes on their Monday Night program.

“How the mighty have fallen,” he starts. “In a desperate attempt to win back the favor of those in the ‘demographic,’ World Wrestling Entertainment thought it prudent to forego the presence of a proper ring and created ‘The Underground.’ ‘Wrasslers’ competing in some disgusting, filthy environment. Reminiscent of that dreadful ‘Fight Club’ film. Yet another case of Hollywood writers running amok in sports entertainment I suppose.”

“While one may argue that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I truly cringe when I see the levels that dignitaries in that industry are willing to stoop to to appease this population. Complete rubbish.

Crowbar recently spoke with Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone to talk about his watching habits as he spins many plates, outside and inside the wrestling ring. You can listen to the full interview of that below.

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