Scorpio Sky Wants To Go The ‘Bret Hart Route’ And Be A Grand Slam Champion, Immediate Goal Is TNT Title

Scorpio Sky knows all about staying hungry.

Sky recently spoke with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo about kicking down the door of singles competition and started the conversation off about his recent match with now-former TNT Champion Cody Rhodes. Sky considers Cody a friend and admires the work that The American Nightmare does inside and outside the squared circle. Despite Scorpio coming up short of grabbing hold of that TNT gold, he saw plenty of silver lining with his performance on Dynamite two weeks back.

“I was pretty happy with the match myself,” he said. “The only thing I would say that if I could make it better is if we just had more time, which is tough on TV, but maybe in the future I will get back in there with Cody and maybe it will be at a PPV or something and I think if we have 20, 25, 30 minutes, we can actually put on a classic that people will remember for years to come I hope.”

Scorpio isn’t letting one defeat interfere with the one belt he still has on his mind, noting that the TNT Championship is still his main goal. He says he wants to be a grand slam champion in AEW and go the “Bret Hart route”, but one thing he’s not going to do is grow complacent or ever stop working hard to achieve his goals.

“The TNT Championship is my immediate goal. That’s what I have my eyes on right now. Obviously I want to be the AEW World Champion, but I think it’s gotta go step by step and I think being TNT Champion will prepare me to get to the stage that I could be a World Champion and main event PPV after PPV after PPV which is the ultimate goal, but the TNT Championship, Cody has said it’s not a secondary title. Obviously it’s not the World Championship, but to me it’s extremely important. I definitely want to hold both of them at some point because I want to be a grand slam champion.

“I personally would love to be the first grand slam champion in AEW history, but I want to go that Bret Hart route, I want to be a tag team champion, I want to win the TNT Championship and then I want to be the World Champion and that is the goal. That’s ultimately—it starts with the TNT Championship. I was this close to it, and I’m shooting with you here. Getting in the ring with Cody and wrestling for the TNT Championship, it felt good. It felt really good and I looked at that new belt and I’m like, ‘Man, I want that. I truly, truly want that,’ and that’s my immediate goal.”

“It’s like I’ve worked my entire career to get to a big company and I’m not just gonna stop here. Now it’s like, ‘Okay, now I’m with a big company, what’s next? I want to be a champion of the big company and I want to be another champion of the big company and I want main event after main event after main event in the big company and I want to be a legend.’ You just never stop. You never let yourself be satisfied. You hit one goal, set the next goal and I think that’s something that you can take in your personal life and your professional life and you will always grow and get better at both if you have that mentality and as we call it, it’s the ‘Mamba Mentality.'”

As he works towards his goal of being a decorated champion for All Elite Wrestling, Scorpio Sky will now march on with a familiar sound backing him — a live crowd. AEW has had to deal with the absence of fans in attendance as they progress forward in 2020 but that will change as Dynamite will welcome back a socially distant audience at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. Sky says it’s going to be great to have people back and it’s being done in a safe manner, so having that energy from fans is a big boost.

“Gonna be awesome. The one thing that always stood out about AEW is our fans and AEW listens to the fans and they truly genuinely care about the fans. The company does, us as professional wrestlers and performers and we all care, we all feed off that energy. I think the shows have been tremendous in this tough era that we’re going through, but the only thing that’s been missing is that energy from the crowd and so being able to bring that back and doing it in a safe way. It’s going to be outdoor, it’s limited, physically distanced seating, we’re only doing 10-15% capacity and we’re in full compliance with the state and local regulations and CDC guidelines so I’m excited that we’re able to do it and we’re able to do it in a safe way and I think the people that are going to be there are going to have a blast and it’s been a while and it’s been too long and hopefully everything goes well.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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