Drew McIntyre Talks Wrestling Randy Orton, WWE Draft, Dream Opponents

Drew McIntyre

Photo by John Peters/Man Utd via Getty Images

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is set to undergo his biggest challenge yet as he defends his WWE Championship against Randy Orton in two weeks at SummerSlam. ComicBook.com had the opportunity to speak with Drew McIntyre regarding numerous topics and you can see the highlights below.

On how Randy Orton has evolved over the years:

He was so good back then, but I think now I’m even more so. Aside being more seasoned, he knows exactly who he, which is weird because he was so good back then. He didn’t seem like he was playing a character. I just think he was really good at playing the character back then with all the stern looks and jaw clenches and slow talking. It felt like, okay, that’s what I have to do. I think now he’s very relaxed. He knows exactly who he is. The scary thing is he was that good and one of the best in the world back then. Now, like I say, without trying, he’s one of the best and when he’s on fire, which he is right now, he’s pretty much untouchable, but I assure everybody I love the challenge.

On who he wants to share a brand with after the next WWE Draft:

Cesaro is on my list of never had a match ever. I’d love to have a big match with him. Braun Strowman and I have never had a big, significant singles match. I think that could be interesting. It’s not so often you pay and you see two larger than life superstars going at it, but two that can actually move around I think would make for a very interesting match-up. Sheamus also. Him and I go way back to when I was about 18, 19 years old, he was about 43. He was a little bit older. The night I won the IC title, he won the heavyweight title. Obviously his career ascended from there, mine went on the down slope until I got fired. I returned, he’d come down a little bit and then I exploded into the main event scene while he’s still trying to find his way back there. I think there’s a very interesting jealous older brother with little brother storyline that’s got a lot of real footage, a lot of real depth that fans would get behind, especially Scotland versus Ireland beating the crap out of each other.

On if he wants to work with Jinder Mahal in the future:

Yep. 100%. The same things I said about Sheamus apply to Jinder also. He’s one of my best friends in the world. We met when I moved back to Tampa when I was about 25 years old. We started hanging out for a couple of years before 3MB was even formed. We got closer during that period. He was there to support me during some difficult times in my personal life that we very much would involve in a storyline to take it to that next level. He was one of the groomsmen at my wedding and we’re still training with each other to this day. I think he posted a picture from his gym the other day, actually, of how close we are. I think the environment we’re in right now, like I mentioned, telling deeper stories and developing those characters and having more layers to our stories and characters, this would be the perfect environment to do it in.

On who he would wrestle if he could go back in time:

Shawn Michaels jumps out. Triple H 2000, 2001 kinda time jumps out. Then I’d probably have to go for my favorite, I was a big Bret Hart fan growing up. I became buddies with him when I became an adult, which is crazy. Just wrote a piece for Nattie’s column in the Calgary Sun to wish him a happy birthday. She only asked like three people to do it and it was pretty cool being involved with that. When I toured Germany with them and I was IC champion and had a crazy time hearing all the stories about how wild it used to be in Germany for him and still was during that tour.

You can read the entire interview here. Let us know what you think of Drew’s comments below. Who would you like to see him feud with next?

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