Rusev Explains Why He Had A Black Eye For His Wedding

(Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images)

Rusev may not be an in-ring competitor anymore, at least for now, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t continue to entertain fans and tell stories about his WWE past.

The Bulgarian Brute recently did another Twitch stream and went into detail regarding how he had a black eye for his wedding day. Rusev said that WWE was on an overseas tour and him and Cesaro wanted to go to the ring and do a shoot for a few minutes. Rusev said, “We shoot in the beginning and blow ourselves up, then we start working, just so it can be fun. He wanted to give me a frankensteiner from the top and I had never take one. ‘Just trust me.’ In the middle of the match, we’re fighting, and he wanted to give me a frankensteiner. I told him, ‘I’ve never done this.’ He didn’t care.”

Rusev continues the story by saying that they did the bump successfully. The next day, him and Lana were flying out to Bulgaria for their wedding. Rusev said, “There was one spot where he wanted to do a step over victory roll. Again, we’re just talking in there. He steps in with one foot, goes in with the other and his knee gets me right in the eye. I felt it right away. I sit up, look at Lana. First, he’s pinning me and I’m like, ‘why Cesaro? Why?’ He’s like, ‘What are you talking about?’ I look at Lana and am like, ‘Look what he did to my eye.’ She looks at me like, ‘Oh my….’ It swelled up instantly. We finish the match and she was just giving Cesaro the biggest stink-eye. She was super upset because a week from now, we have to take pictures and she doesn’t want me to have a black eye. I’ll always remember Cesaro from the wedding because all my pictures in Bulgaria have a black eye.”

Rusev said overall he much enjoyed working with Cesaro. You can see a video which includes these wedding photos below.

Thanks to Fightful for the transcriptions.

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