Drew McIntyre Defeats Dolph Ziggler, Accepts Randy Orton’s SummerSlam Challenge

Drew McIntyre

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Drew McIntyre faced Dolph Ziggler again on WWE RAW but this time he got to pick the match stipulation. Before he picked the stipulation for his match, McIntyre addressed Randy Orton’s challenge and said he isn’t afraid of the “Viper.” As such, the title match is now official for WWE SummerSlam.

As for the stipulation, McIntyre made it an Extreme Rules match. Unlike the pay-per-view, McIntyre was allowed to use weapons this time around. Considering McIntyre overcame the odds when they were against them, there was little worry that he’d lose to Ziggler on an even playing field.

McIntyre began hitting Ziggler with a kendo stick repeatedly. The non-title match almost came to an end after the champion hit a huge superplex, but Ziggler was able to hit a ZigZag for his biggest moment in the match. However, McIntyre wasn’t about to give up and he then hit a Claymore Kick that sent Ziggler through a table and pinned the longtime WWE veteran.

After the match, Orton would hit an RKO out of nowhere to show that he’s serious about taking the belt.

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