Sasha Banks Wins WWE RAW Women’s Championship By Countout After Bayley Attacks Kairi Sane Backstage

sasha banks

Photo Credit: WWE

As ordered by Stephanie McMahon las week, a WWE RAW Championship rematch occurred between Sasha Banks and Asuka.

The rematch started poorly for Banks as Asuka locked in a tight armbar that was finally broken up by the referee after Banks reached the ropes. With the match restarted, Banks was able to lock in a submission of her own targeting Asuka’s leg. Banks later tried to frame that Asuka hit her with the championship belt but the referee wasn’t fooled.

The end of the title match finally came after a video from backstage showed Bayley attacking Kairi Sane. Despite her tag partner getting attacked, Asuka kept attacking Banks. However, the beating was too much for her to take and she eventually ran backstage to help and was counted out as a result. That means Banks is now a true double champion just like Bayley.

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