Triple H Heads Onto The Pat McAfee Show To Discuss Adam Cole Incident

Triple H

Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Triple H appeared on The Pat McAfee show earlier today to discuss Adam Cole’s controversial appearance late last week. To recap, the former NXT Champion and host Pat McAfee had a heated exchange that ended beyond a profane war of words, with Cole knocking over one of the show’s microphones and shoving an assistant after Pat suggests that Adam Cole’s size is a detriment to his wrestling career.

NXT head honcho Triple H zoomed into Pat’s show in order to try to mend fences between the two parties, vouching for Cole’s usual demeanor outside the ring and saying that this was a freak occurrence. HHH also lays it out that Pat is a “professional needle pusher” who was fishing for that kind of reaction and landed a big one. McAfee admits that there was fault on both sides and agrees that he and Cole should have another interview at a later date.

You can see the full appearance in the video embedded below:

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