Tony Khan On Sammy Guevara’s Return: ‘He’s Shown That He Can Change’

Tony Khan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Before the surprise ending to Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Sammy Guevara had spent a month away from the promotion without pay, a result of past inappropriate comments coming to light as part of the #SpeakingOut movement. Talking with Sports Illustrated, promotion head honcho Tony Khan explained with it was the right time for Sammy to return.

Sammy was off television for a month and suspended without pay for 30 days, and I think it was the right time for Sammy to come back because he’s shown that he’s very sorry and that he can change. He’s spent every day over the past month trying to prove that.

Khan confirmed that the Inner Circle member has “completed four weeks of extensive sensitivity training, and his curriculum included subject matters of tolerance, gender, race relations, and why people’s words matter” during his time away from the company. His salary during his suspension was donated to The Women’s Center of Jacksonville, and the organization put out a message thanking AEW for turning a negative into a positive.

While Sammy served his time, Khan also claims that his job was not guaranteed upon his return. “I meant what I said about re-evaluating his status with the company based on his conduct. Sammy needed to make a lot of strides to keep his job and make amends for stuff he shouldn’t have said.”

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