Dax Harwood Gets To The ‘Hart’ Of The Matter On Shawn Michaels’ Birthday; Xavier Woods Loses Files For ‘Battle Of The Brands’

Dax Harwood FTR AEW Dynamite

Photo: AEW Wrestling

Dax Harwood Gets To The ‘Hart’ Of The Matter On HBK’s Birthday

Yesterday much of the wrestling world was “tuning up the band” to celebrate Shawn Michaels’ 55th revolution around the sun, but one man who was firmly in the thick of the stampede up in Calgary was Dax Harwood.

The one half of FTR is notoriously a Bret Hart fan and saw HBK’s birthday as the perfect moment to execute a heel maneuver on any staunch supporters of the so-called Showstopper.

Speaking of Harts, Dax also kept his up in Canada as after Dynamite, he took a moment to credit Winnepeg’s very own Chris Jericho as one of the best to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots.

“Guys, if Jericho ain’t in your discussion for one of the greatest of all time, you’re just in denial,” Dax simply Tweeted.

WrestleZone’s Managing Editor in Bill Pritchard happened to interview both members of FTR recently for the website and you can hear their full conversation below.

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Xavier Woods Loses Files For ‘Battle Of The Brands’

Some upsetting news surging from UpUpDownDown’s camp as Xavier Woods had a major heartbreaker for viewers of his Battle Of The Brands show with Tyler Breeze. The series which focuses on the two playing GM Mode from the classic SmackDown vs. RAW game is a major favorite watch on the channel and today, Woods stated that he happened to lose the files that Breeze and he were playing on as he issued an apology to fans.

“Computer ate the multiple gm mode save files. We now have no created wrestlers and no gm mode at all. This was the biggest episode to date and due to my failure the show is now ruined. I apologize to everyone who trusted me with your time,” Woods Tweeted out.