Edge To Randy Orton: ‘You’ll Wish Cowboy Bob Was Shooting Blanks’


Photo Credit: WWE.com

Edge gave an update on his injury on Monday Night RAW.

The WWE Hall of Famer said he doesn’t believe Orton proved that he’s the better technical wrestler and brought up the low blow that preceded the end of the match. He said Randy can call himself the greatest wrestler ever because beating Edge means that much to Orton. Edge is disappointed that he didn’t see the low blow coming and that he didn’t do it first but it won’t happen again.

“You said that I lit a fire in your gut, that I reminded you who you are,” said Edge. “The legend killer. Well, this match, this injury, not being able to pick up my daughters on Father’s Day, that showed me I needed to wake up a side of me that has been dormant far too long.” Edge says that punting Christian was the last straw as he’s no longer the “PG Rated Superstar” and that he’ll come back willing to sink to any level to get what he wants. What he currently wishes is to make Orton suffer and to make him wish that “Cowboy Bob was shooting blanks.”

Edge finished the promo by saying that Orton had woken up the evil within the Rated R Superstar. “Get some sleep while you can, Randy.”

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