WWE RAW Results (6/22/20)

WWE RAW Results

WWE RAW Results 

June 22, 2020

Report by Colin Tessier for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Drew McIntyre

McIntyre welcomes fans to the show and recaps what happened last week; he had to defend his championship in a tag team match with R-Truth. McIntyre says it’s time to the future. Dolph Ziggler comes to the ring and says McIntyre is happy to see him. Ziggler says he’s been traded to RAW, along with his tag team partner, Robert Roode. Ziggler tells McIntyre he’s happy to see him as the champion. He says McIntyre owes him; when McIntyre got fired, Ziggler brought him back to RAW. He reminds McIntyre of their history together and says McIntyre is the champion because of him. Ziggler asks for what he’s owed: a WWE Championship match. McIntyre says Ziggler has been losing a lot since they went separate ways.

He tells Ziggler he’s become exactly what they used to despise: he’s an entitled jacka–. The champion tells him to imagine what he’s capable of. He asks Ziggler if he really wants to face him. Ziggler nods, and McIntyre makes it official. He says he’ll defend the title against Ziggler at WWE Extreme Rules.

In-Ring Segment: Nia Jax

Nia Jax takes a chair and sits in the ring. She says Charlotte Flair got exactly what she wanted, whether she deserves it or not. Jax says she has been cheated out of both of her title matches. She questions where the fairness is. R-Truth raps his way to the ring. He says Jax is confused because he’s supposed to have a match against the “evil leader of a ninja clan,” Akira Tozawa. Truth wonders whether Jax is the real Akira Tozawa. Jax tells Truth to shut up. Tozawa is behind the broadcast table, and his ninjas chase Truth to the back.

Jax refuses to leave, and Flair comes to the ring. Flair says Jax dropped the ball when she got two title shots. Jax says Flair gets what she wants because of who her dad is. Flair says Ric’s new title is Charlotte Flair’s dad. Jax says Flair is delusional if she thinks her dad hasn’t helped her career. Flair sarcastically credits Ric for beating Asuka. Jax says Flair has never beaten her; in their previous encounter, Jax says she dominated Flair. The Irresistible Force says Flair has built her legacy against easy opponents. Jax says she’s the one who will take Flair’s crown. Both women brawl, and officials struggle to break it up. Flair appears to have hurt her arm during the brawl.

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