Asuka And Nia Jax Both Get Counted Out, Asuka Retains RAW Women’s Title At WWE Backlash

Photo Credit: WWE

At WWE Backlash, Asuka defended the WWE RAW Women’s Championship against Nia Jax. Asuka used her technical expertise to counter Jax’s strength, but the challenger continued to overpower Asuka. Jax earned a two count with an impressive suplex. She dominated Asuka and disrespected her with a slap, but Asuk rocked her with a spinning elbow. A Shining Wizard earned Asuka a two count.

A running hip attack earned Asuka another two count. A ring-shaking powerbomb earned Jax a two count. Asuka locked in an armbar on the outside, but Jax slammed her into the barricade. Asuka rocked Jax with a kick, but both competitors got counted out. As a result, Asuka retained the title. A hip attack off the apron took Jax down again.

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