WWE Backlash Results (6/14/20)

WWE Backlash ResultsWWE RAW Results 

June 14, 2020

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Kickoff Show

United States Championship Match: Apollo Crews (c) vs. Andrade w/Zelina Vega and Angel Garza

Before the match starts, Kevin Owens walks down to the ring and joins the commentary desk. Crew misses a dropkick. Andrade locks in a side headlock. Andrade outs Crews in a dragon sleeper using the ropes. Andrade pulls Crews out of the ring. Crews blackbody drops Andrade on the diamond-plate ramp. Crews lands a suplex. Andrade traps Crews in the corner. Running double knee strike by Andrade. Crews kicks out. Crews dodges Andrade’s tree of woe double foot stomp. Crews belly-to-belly suplexes Andrade into the turnbuckle.

Spinebuster by Crews. Andrade counters Crews’ Olympic slam. Crews follows that with a dropkick. Andrade and Crews both try to suplex each other on the apron. Andrade surprises Crews with a slingshot DDT. Crews somehow manages to kick out. Andrade goes up top but Crews press slams him off of his perch. Crews crushes Andrade with a standing moonsault followed by a standing shooting star press. Garza gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Owens pulls Garza off the apron and hits the Stunner. Andrade almost hits the Hammerlock DDDT but Crews reverses it into his patented tossing powerbomb for the win!

Winner and STILL United States Champion, Apollo Crews!

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