Sasha Banks And Bayley Retain The Women’s Tag Team Championship At WWE Backlash

Sasha Banks At WWE Evolution

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

To kick off WWE Backlash, Sasha Banks and Bayley defended the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship against the IIconics and Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross. Banks and Bayley defeated Bliss and Cross to win the titles on WWE Friday Night SmackDown two weeks ago. Cross, Bayley and Kay started the match. The match quickly broke down into a standoff between all three teams before the referee restored order. Bliss, Royce and Banks exchanged pinfall attempts. The match devolved into chaos again. Royce dropped Cross with a kick for a two count. Royce and Bayley gained up on Bayley, but their alliance quickly fell apart.

Bayley and Banks gained the upper hand, but Cross took down Royce and Bayley with a bulldog and a clothesline. Bliss tagged in and cleared house. She took down Bayley and Royce with a crossbody. Royce took Bayley and Bliss down with a running shoulder tackle to the outside. Bliss and Cross took Royce own with a double DDT. Bliss hit Royce with a Twisted Bliss, but Banks rolled Bliss up to pin her and win the match.

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