Sammy Guevara Recovering From Golf Cart Injuries, Says He’ll ‘Carry’ Matt Hardy To A Great Match On Dynamite (Exclusive)

Sammy Guevara says his main plan is to “end The Elite” — but before The Inner Circle gets that chance he’ll face off with Matt Hardy on Dynamite tonight.

Guevara recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of this weekend’s AEW Double Or Nothing event where he joins the Inner Circle in a “Stadium Stampede” match against Hardy and The Elite. Before that, Guevara will get a chance at revenge when he faces Hardy, the man who hit him with a golf cart and made him a bigger internet sensation. Guevara quickly became meme’d after being run down by Hardy, but he says he’s healing up and hopes it doesn’t happen again.

“I’ve been doing a lot of DDPYoga. I’m banged up but it’s getting better. My neck hurts and my wrist hurts as well, I can’t really bend it that much. Even doing this while I’m showing you is hurting. I don’t recommend anybody out there doing that,” Guevara said. “Don’t try this at home, don’t try it anywhere. I hope that it never happens to me again.”

Referencing the old adage “wrestling is not ballet,” Guevara agreed that there’s no possible way to prepare for an attack like this. He noted that it was more like a heavy-duty golf cart and Matt was going pretty fast, and his advice was to “just pray to whatever God you believe in” and was thankful to survive the ordeal.

Guevara says he’s ready to face ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy tonight and he plans on having the greatest match of Hardy’s storied career. The “Spanish God” says Hardy’s claim of helping young talent didn’t seem genuine, but he’s prepared to carry their match and show just how good he is.

“It’s true. Matt Hardy tried to end my career. I’ve heard him in interviews saying he wants to come help the young talent—well, he tried to take out one of the hottest young talents here. We’ll see what happens, I plan on showing him out. He’s Matt Hardy, he’s a legend in this game for sure,” Guevara said, “but Sammy Guevara is a living legend and I feel like I’m going to give him the best match he’s ever had.

“My back is ready. I’ve been doing a lot of back workouts so I’ll carry this fool if I have to, to one of the greatest matches of his career because I’m that damn good. I’m part of the Inner Circle for a reason, I’m in ‘Le Sex Gods’ for a reason—go pick up that shirt at We’ll see what happens this Wednesday,” Guevara added, “just know I’m ready. He might have hit me with a golf cart and dropped me on my head, but I’m ready.”

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