Sammy Guevara Previews His AEW Dark Match Against Alan Angels, Says ‘Enhancement’ Matches Can Be Competitive

Sammy Guevara is a busy man this week — new vlog, matches on AEW Dark and Dynamite, and he’s in a match that could be the main event at Double Or Nothing this Saturday.

The “Spanish God” spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of this week’s full slate of events and spoke about his first match of the week against Alan Angels, who garnered plenty of attention when he faced Kenny Omega a few weeks ago. Angels’ match with Omega went much longer than some people would expect from an “enhancement match” and a fairly heated debate over the match length (and how it helped or hurt Omega) took place between fans and wrestling media.

Angels also had a match against Fenix last week that got a good amount of attention, and Guevara has the chance to do the same thing this evening. He says Omega’s actions were selfless and it really helped Angels’ profile, and he doesn’t see why an ‘enhancement’ match still can’t be an exciting contest.

“I think what Kenny did—despite him being part of The Elite and all of that nonsense—I think it was very selfless of him. He could have very easily had a very quick match but he didn’t want to do that. Now Alan Angels can have longer matches, he wrestled Fenix last week and it was a really good match,” Guevara said, “so now it’s like ‘why can’t I have a long match with him either’, or with all of these so-called ‘enhancement’ guys?

“You don’t need every single enhancement match to be a squash, I think when it’s competitive it’s more fun to watch personally. When you watch and someone’s getting their ass beat the whole time and you never see them on TV it’s like ‘alright, let’s just skip to the end already’ but then when [Angels] is starting to beat up Kenny Omega or Fenix—he’s not going to beat me up, I’m the Spanish God—but in general, it’s [grabbing your attention]. ‘Is this guy going to beat Kenny Omega or Fenix?’,” Guevara quipped, “not me, because I’m a freak, but yeah I think it’s more enjoyable to watch.”

Wrestling has traditionally used the squash match to get over stars, more recently using it to bolster the star power of their perceived ‘monster’ wrestlers. Using examples such as Wardlow, Brian Cage and Ryback, among others, Guevara says a squash match can still be a lengthy encounter where both opponents look good, and mixing it up from time to time can be a positive way to catch your attention.

“With any guy like that, we’re trying to do something else here. There’s a different story to be told where there’s this ‘monster’, whatever. There’s a time and place for it and not every match needs to be this quick, 30-second match. A good 4-5 minutes or longer, it’s like ‘OK, what am I watching?’ It’s something different.

Stay tuned tomorrow for our full interview with Guevara where he also talks about facing Matt Hardy, the Stadium Stampede at Double Or Nothing, the golf cart rundown and much more. Sammy’s latest vlog is available to watch at the top of this page.

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