Hangman Page Sobers Up And Considers His Future On Being The Elite

Hangman Adam Page Drinking AEW Dynamite Memphis

Photo Credit: Lee South/AEW

The career of Adam “Hangman” Page has been one of AEW’s best long-term storylines. From emerging as an early title contender, the company took the road less traveled and had their golden boy lose in spectacular fashion. Page has become a drunken shell of his former self, drifting away from his friends in The Elite and trying to forge his own identity.

That has continued on Being The Elite, with the character choosing to live in the woods during the pandemic as a way to explain his TV absence. At the end of this week’s BTE, Hangman goes into a long speech full of metaphors about returning home that’s open to interpretation. Does Page want to return to work even if he feels uncomfortable? Does he want to return to The Elite and pretend that nothing’s happened? Perhaps he’s finally ready to prove himself after months of self-reflection. No matter the case, it’s must-see Internet TV if you’re invested in the character.

In other news, this week’s show also announces a cinematic “match” for next week that pits Private Party against “Bones and The Bear.” The Bear, in this case, is an actual stuffed animal, so I’m sure that will be a sight to see. For all that plus Kenny Omega getting over his differences with Colt Cobana, check out Being The Elite Episode 204 embedded below:

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