Richard Holliday On How MLW’s Marketing Strategy Stands Out From The Rest (Exclusive)

Richard Holliday MLW Fusion

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Richard Holliday is not just called “The Most Marketable” for any old reason. The self-proclaimed “Carribean Champion” of MLW does have a degree in marketing and uses it to all facets of his advantage in and outside of the wrestling ring.

Even if he currently shares a bone of contention with MLW CEO Court Bauer, Holliday said in a recent interview with WrestleZone’s Dominic DeAngelo that Major League Wrestling handles it’s marketing strategy extremely well in a climate that happens to be saturated with wrestling content.

“Well I think MLW is extraordinarily smart in the sense in the way that they operate their business. They do see the boom within America in terms of professional wrestling in terms of what it’s doing and domestically of course there is so much growth, but I think that they see that WWE and AEW are getting the most attention within North America in specific. So look at what MLW is doing they just signed another deal,” Holliday said. “There’s so many international companies that MLW is putting Fusion on television in, I can’t even keep up with them: I know France, Africa, I think it’s Belguim now, the United Kingdom, Ireland.

“There’s so many different avenues now to watch MLW internationally that that is where I think MLW is extraordinarily smart because they’re penetrating a market that isn’t being penetrated by dozens of other wrestling companies or at least two major ones, you know what I mean? They’re getting their footwork in other areas and then eventually of course because we’re doing shows throughout the country, think of the major markets that we operate in and we really only operate in major markets if people have picked up on that: New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Mexico (obviously that’s outside the United States) but that’s what MLW does in order to get it’s footing and have it’s place within professional wrestling,” Holliday said. “They’ve done an excellent job internationally, I think that’s just a wonderful concept and extraordinarily smart from a marketing perspective, it just makes a ton of sense because of what we are from an hour of television perspective – we are Fusion. So it does really resonate with international consumers.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

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