Davey Boy Smith Jr. Makes A Surprise Appearance On A ‘Hart Featured’ Episode Of WWE’s The Bump

Davey Boy Smith

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Tyson Kidd and Natalya were both the featured “in-house guests” on The Bump this week and as the two reflected with Cesaro via satellite on their hot six month run as an NXT tag team, MLW’s Davey Boy Smith Jr. stepped into the studio as a surprise guest to reflect on their time together as The Hart Dynasty.

“My very first match ever was teaming him in 1995,” mentioned Kidd as he talked about Davey Boy. Davey mentions how much the WWE tag division has grown since The Hart Dynasty dissipated and agrees with Kidd’s take that the two had plenty more to learn at that juncture of their careers. The moment begins at the 52:00 mark on the show.

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