Davey Boy Smith Jr. Eyes An MLW World Title Shot After Winning The Opera Cup

Davey Boy Smith

Photo Credit: MLW

Davey Boy Smith Jr. has become your 2019 Opera Cup Champion and now he’s aiming for the top accolade in Major League Wrestling that happens to wrapped around the waist of Jacob Fatu.

According to the MLW website, Davey Boy has World Heavyweight Title on his agenda and plans to “catch” Fatu in a suplex or two. The piece says it’s just a matter of time before Davey gets his shot and notes that he’s going to attend the Calgary Flames’ practice this week to give his athletic perspective to the team.

The surviving members of the Hart Foundation have made it known there is unfinished business with CONTRA Unit. Now they must contend with a 6’6″ catch wrestler on the prowl for the belt.

Following winning the 2019 Opera Cup, Davey Boy Smith Jr. has put himself in motion for a title shot against the reigning World Heavyweight Champion Jacob Fatu.

A 2020 title fight seems all but a given. More details surely to follow.

In the meantime, Smith has been invited by the NHL to attend the Calgary Flames’ practice this week and share his perspectives as an athlete ahead of the NHL All Star break.

Watch for FREE Davey Boy Smith battle Brian Pillman Jr. in a classic to close out the Opera Cup Finals.

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