Kurt Angle Talks His Favorite Wrestlers, Stem Cell Therapy, Olympic & WWE Accomplishments

Photo Credit: WWE

Kurt Angle recently did a Q&A on Facebook, where he took questions directly from fans. This time around, the WWE Hall of Famer answered questions about stem cell therapy, Bret Hart, and his favorite wrestlers.

Check out highlights below.

On which accomplishments mean more: WWE or Olympics?

Olympics. It’s not even close. It was the highlight of my life. Dream come true.

On if Undertaker choked him out:

What? Where did you hear that? As much as I like Taker, it’s not true.

How he thinks matches against Bret Hart would go:

I think my matches with Bret would have been just as intense [as Benoit] and just as good. I always wanted to step into the ring with Bret.

His favorite wrestlers:

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. They both had the biggest impression on me to entertain the way I did. I enjoyed their talents very much.

If stem cell treatment worked for him:

My shoulders feel great. My neck and back are struggling a bit but I’m optimistic about them getting better just like my shoulders. It usually takes 3-6 months to feel improvement. It’s been 2 months. BioXcellarotor is the real deal. Look them up.

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