Kurt Angle On What WWE Stars Deserve A Main Event Push, What Celebrities Left Him Starstruck

Photo Credit: WWE

Kurt Angle recently did a Q&A on Facebook, where he took questions directly from fans. This time around, the WWE Hall of Famer answered questions about celebrities, sports, and what talent deserves a main event push.

Check out some highlights below:

The two times he was left starstruck:

I remember the first time I met Arnold Schwarzenegger 16 years ago. I followed him growing up and he was one of my favorite celebrities, especially when he was the Terminator. I didn’t get to say much but I was glad to finally meet him. The other time is when I met President Clinton. It was after I won the gold in the Olympics. He was always my mother’s favorite president.

If he’d participate in a WWE musical:

Sure! I love making an ass out of myself. Play the music.

What other sport he was good at:

I was All-State in football. I actually might have been better at football, but I enjoyed being in a sport where it’s one on one. Individual sports are more attractive to me, I prefer to be responsible for only myself.

Talent he believes should get a main event push:

Shorty G. Cedric Alexander. Lacey Evans. Just to name a few.

What celebrities he gets mistaken for:

On many occasions, I’ve been called Tito Ortiz or Frank Trigg. I don’t think I look like them, but I get it a lot…

His best tips to trainee wrestlers:

Limit your bumps. You only have so many you can take, so minimize them and you will have a long career!

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