Tully Blanchard On Advice He’s Shared With Tessa Blanchard, The Door AEW Opened For Him

Tully Blanchard spoke to the media at Starrcast III in Chicago about his return to wrestling as Shawn Spears’ advisor. During the scrum, Tully was asked about any advice he’d have for his daughter, Tessa Blanchard, who has made a name for herself in a short time in the business. Tully said she’s been able to grow into a larger “persona” and sees she has the same drive he did. He noted

“It is awesome to see the talent that she has—and the desire—because that’s the same kind of desire I had to become the best. I don’t think you would say that I was ever the best performer in this business, but that was my goal, I wanted to do that. It didn’t make any difference if I was on before or after,” Tully said, “I still tried to have the best match on the card every night. And those are things that I’ve told her, and if you do those, then everything else will take care of itself, and that’s kind of where that part is.”

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Blanchard noted that he’s not trying to recruit Tessa to come over to AEW, but noted this new advisor role wasn’t something he’d seen for himself a few months ago either.

“Right now, I’m just trying to keep both on the ground for me, because this is certainly, three months ago, this is not something that I was thinking that I would be doing. You know, great, Cody Rhodes wrestling company, blah blah blah” Tully said, “you know, but that’s not where I expected me, I expected me in San Diego going to the jail, talking to guys about the Lord, and that’s what I’m going to be doing Monday, and that’s what I’m going to be doing Sunday afternoon when I get back. But this door came open, and it is, it feels good and it feels right, although I a little anxious.”

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