Dustin Rhodes Says Darby Allin Reminds Him Of Jeff Hardy, Praises Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson’s Work At All Out

Dustin Rhodes was the special guest of Stew Myrick and Justin Simmons on Sports Guys Talking Wrestling of The Horn in Austin, TX. The two talked to “The Natural” about his new upcoming role with AEW as a promo coach, as well as some of the talent he’ll be working with. Dustin compared Darby Allin to Jeff Hardy, noting they both appear to be fearless.

“He reminds me a lot of Jeff Hardy. If I could compare him to anybody, he’s not scared.” Dustin said. “He’s fearless and I know adrenaline plays a big part into all this, but he didn’t even look back. It’s like he put the barrel there and he’s ready and he goes when he wants to go and it’s like ‘I gotta look back.’”

Dustin also shared his thoughts on All Out, particularly Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard’s involvement, praising Arn’s trademark spinebuster during the climax of the match as well as Tully’s managerial work throughout the contest.

“Everybody tries to do his spinebuster, but nobody has done it like Arn Anderson. That’s his patented move in my opinion and I’ve taken a-plenty of those over the years and it was good to see Arn come out. And the building did explode and they popped.” Dustin said. “Tully did a lot more than I thought he was going to do actually in that match, in that managerial position. He took a couple falls, you know? He was punching back and doing some things and kept very active, which was good. I like that in a manager, I just didn’t know if Tully was like healthy enough to do that kind of stuff but evidently he is and Arn doing the spinebuster, that’s all he needed to do and roll out. It served it’s purpose and it was great. Arn has neck issues, you know and you want to stay away from him doing too, too much, but a spinebuster, that’s Arn Anderson, man. It was great. He didn’t hurt anything. Didn’t hurt himself. Got a great pop.”

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