Chris Jericho Requested Aubrey Edwards As Referee For His All Out Match Against Adam Page

This week’s episode of Talk Is Jericho featured a behind-the-scenes review of AEW All Out from the new AEW World Champion himself, Chris Jericho. During the show, Jericho revealed he personally requested Aubrey Edwards as the referee for his title match against ‘Hangman’ Adam Page for two reasons.

“One, I think she’s the best referee in the company. We’ve got some good referees but I like her style, and the fact that we had the very first female referee officiating a world title match.” Jericho said. “You talk about the Women’s Revolution and all that stuff, I think the fact that she’s my favorite referee in there, she’s deserving of the honor, and she did a great job. It led to an awesome spot in the middle of the match.”

Jericho went on to share some other interesting tidbits like his interaction with Private Party, Kenny Omega and PAC being upset about their match and more, including the fact that the company did scans for action figures or video games. Jericho also said AEW is not only sponsored by Cracker Barrel, but they provide catering services as well.

“It’s the road food by choice for most of the wrestlers in the business who drive the highways. Now it is catered by Cracker Barrel. Lance Storm would be in his glory considering that Cracker Barrel is the caterer.”

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