Details On How Chris Jericho’s Stolen AEW Belt Was Found

The Tallahassee Democrat has a fun interview with the man who found All Elite Wrestling’s lost belt. Florida resident Frank Price found the belt while driving home with his wife. Price, who isn’t a wrestling fan, thought it was a fan replica and initially put it on Craigslist’s lost and found section. He was then redirected to an article detailing the belt went missing and Price then contacted the police department. He answered questions about the belt and received a $200 award from Mike Vaugn, the owner of Mike’s Limousine (which Jericho was using).

“At that time there was nothing in the news about anything being lost or stolen,” said Price,who is the  assistant director of the Florida Natural Areas Inventory at Florida State University. “So we thought it was just a replica or a costume or something like that.”

However, he doesn’t think it was stolen. “I think what happened is they just set it on the trunk of the limo and it just fell off,” said Price. “The only other possibility is that it was part of a pro-wrestling plot setup. They need all the publicity they can get.”

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