Ric Flair On How Intimidating Harley Race Was, His Relationship With Bruiser Brody

Ric Flair was a recent guest on Talk Is Jericho, and the 16-time champion discussed the life and accomplishments of the late Harley Race. During the conversation, Flair talked about Race’s relationship with Bruiser Brody and recalled Harley always wanting to one-up Brody, even when they weren’t in the same promotion.

“So we’re at the Memorial Auditorium, in Kansas City. They didn’t have the Kemper Arena yet, they just had that big auditorium. So the first night that WWE comes to town, I’m wrestling Brody, and Harley is at our building, and he says to me ‘Rickie, go work something out with Brody – I don’t want you going through tonight. Tell him I said you’re gonna take a fall’. So I went ‘Harley, I don’t wanna go tell Brody anything, please’. He always wanted to let Brody know that he was the boss. They never had it out, but it was a different relationship.”

Flair also talked about how Race would intimidate people, recalling a particular incident with Hulk Hogan with Race brandishing a gun:

“He said ‘Rickie, the WWE and that plastic champion [Hulk] Hogan are running across town’. He said ‘You work out things with Brody, I’ve got bigger fish to fry’. So he takes his nine millimeter [gun] out of his bag and walks out of the door. When he got there the first thing he said was ‘Where’s Hogan?’ and Hogan was in the bathroom, he’ll tell you the story. I swear, Chris, I’ve never seen someone that could intimidate you more.”

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