Ric Flair’s 5 Greatest Clash Of The Champions Matches

(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

It’s hard to argue that there was any greater performer at Clash of the Champions than “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. The very first Clash of the Champions PPV was held because NWA was frustrated with WWF and their clear tactic of holding PPVs on the very same day to compete with them – with the sports entertainment juggernaut even telling cable companies that had they aired NWA’s PPVs, they wouldn’t be able to host WWE’s major shows in the future.

The first edition of Clash of the Champions was held at March 1988, the same day as WrestleMania IV. That WrestleMania was when WWF was hosting a tournament to crown a new World Champion – a throne that Randy Savage would win and hold for a year. But what’s less talked about is the fact that on the very same night, NWA put out far higher quality matches and more than anything – a far higher quality main event.

Ric Flair was always front and center, of course, and he featured in several Clash of the Champions classics. Here are the best of them.

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