Jerry Lawler Doesn’t Mask His Feelings After Altercation With Bray Wyatt, Elias’ Eyes Are On The Crown (But Also On The Exit Signs)

Jerry Lawler Reacts After His Altercation With Bray Wyatt

Jerry Lawler tried to remain a step ahead of the game on Monday’s RAW when he saw the lights and sound go out before his scheduled “King’s Court” with Sasha Banks. The Fiend however, still caught hold of The King, putting him down with a mandible claw just like he did with other Hall of Famers Mick Foley and Kurt Angle. Nonetheless, Lawler still found humor in the situation after what certainly was a strange and scary encounter.

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Elias’ Eyes Are On The Crown (But Also On The Exit Signs)

Elias has strummed his way to a first round victory in the King Of The Ring tournament against Kevin Owens and is all about getting to sit on that throne, but when you’re the 24/7 Champion you have to have the ability to multitask. The Drifter knows this and plans to make sure to keep his peepers peeled on any exit signs if trouble comes his way.

Following a King of the Ring victory, Elias is ready to celebrate, but he keeps one eye on the exit.