5 WWE Legends Who Bray Wyatt Can Target Next

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt has taken the WWE Universe by storm. It had been nearly a year that he was gone before he returned in a new role – as the host of a “children’s” program named Firefly Fun House. The early signs of it being creepy were there, but nobody expected what it would lead to.

There was even a lot of skepticism up to a point, but once the Firefly Fun House began to gain momentum, fans even considered it to be the best part of RAW (along with the 24/7 title segments). This created a lot of hype for Wyatt for his big debut and it was at SummerSlam where he made his in-ring return after a year.

Nothing like the old persona, The Fiend has instantly been dubbed as the best character in WWE and he is the type of character who strikes at any given point of time. That’s probably a good thing on the long run because it makes him feel more special. He’s been targetting WWE legends left and right and here are five more legends who he could assault.

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