Kevin Owens: My Star-Making SmackDown Promo ‘Came From Gut Instinct’

Speaking with Sports Illustrated before his big SummerSlam showdown with Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens reflected on his recent turn from antagonist to protagonist. “I think it’s just a natural evolution. A lot of it is my need to do something different. I’ve had that gut feeling for a while now, and it looks like things are working pretty good.”

Speaking of gut feelings, that’s exactly where KO claims his big SmackDown promo against Shane came from. “I actually cut that promo a week before to somebody in the locker room, and it got people talking enough that it ended up on TV the next week. It all came from gut instinct.” Kevin states that he’ll always be a fan and feels that he has a “good finger on the pulse” of today’s audiences.

Kevin also knows that he doesn’t need to hold back when he’s in a program with any of the McMahon family. “If I’ve learned anything from being here for the past five years, it’s that the McMahons are more than willing to let you go at them as hard as you want and they’ll come back at you as hard as they can. Everything is pretty much fair game.”

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