Kevin Owens Feels Rejuvenated in WWE, Encourages Comparisons To Stone Cold

In a talk with the New York Post, Kevin Owens discussed his recent career rejuvenation amidst his feud with Shane McMahon. The two will face off at SummerSlam with Owens’ career on the line. About a year ago, this stipulation would have been much less important. “For too long, this past year especially and maybe even before, I’ve just been trying to put my head down, not make too much noise and just try to be what I thought this company needed me to be. And it turns out it probably needed me to be the complete opposite.”

KO has turned from a run of the mill villainous character to one of SmackDown’s biggest heroes, and it’s partially thanks to a new finisher from WWE’s most notable period. After asking permission from the man himself, Kevin is now delivering the same Stone Cold Stunners that Steve Austin dished out to Shane’s father years ago. “This feels different than what I’ve done for a while now, and it feels rejuvenating and exciting, which is always what you want in wrestling and also, I’m having a pretty good time.”

While Kevin says that he won’t make compare himself to the WWE legend, he’s happy that others are drawing parallels. At the moment, he’s happy to use the Stunner that people remember, but he’s also not afraid to change it. “As far as just establishing it and getting people used to, ‘Hey, that’s the guy that does the Stunner,’ you know, once I feel that people are used to it, maybe there are ways to kind of go into it differently or use it differently where it will be a little more my own. But for now, I’m not worried about that.”

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