Ali & Ricochet Donate Supplies To A Teacher’s Classroom, Ricochet Teases A Name For Codebreaker Finisher

Ali & Ricochet Donate Gifts To A Teacher’s Classroom

A woman asked if Ali would retweet an Amazon Wish List she created for her classroom and the WWE Smackdown star did more than just that. He began checking off and donating gifts to that wishlist and so did his fellow high-flyer Ricochet. The act of kindness is shown below:

@AliWWE could you please RT this and spread the word??? It’s my Amazon Wishlist for basic classroom supplies for my classroom! Every little bit helps and goes towards giving my kindergartners the supplies they need in order to be successful! Thank you!!

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Ricochet Teases A Name For Codebreaker Finisher

Donating classroom supplies isn’t the only thing “The One and Only” has been up to. After being granted permission by Chris Jericho to use his Codebreaker as an alternative finisher, Ricochet may have finally landed on a name for his version of the move.