Ricochet On Why He Connects With Fans, If RAW Is Different Backstage With Paul Heyman

Former WWE United States Champion Ricochet talked to 969 The Game to discuss his busy schedule. He discussed how he was about to move to Tampa but decided to move to Orlando after Apollo Crews signed with NXT nearly four years ago, and how different it feels backstage with Paul Heyman now in charge.

Check out highlights below:

On why he’s connected with fans:

The very first thing is my in-ring ability that I give to fans. The acrobatics and the style that I have is what catches everyone’s eyes. I’m hoping since people see that I’m just a normal dude, a kid from Kentucky living his dream. I think people can see that and understand that. That helps them connect with me a little bit more. Obviously, at first it’s the visual aspect but then it’s more … which is awesome.

On how wrestling podcasts have impacted the industry:

I think they’re helping spread knowledge on what is going on. Maybe some people that didn’t know about something or wrestling in general can listen and start watching. There’s good to it but also a lot of bad. [There are a lot of people] that criticize everything and try to say what they think is right when at the end of the day, nothing is right. It’s all circumstantial and goes off the fans and emotion. There’s a lot of bad ones out there too, but for the most part it is pretty good. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be the “Stone Cold” one because he’s “Stone Cold” and I grew up with him all my life.

On if he has noticed a change with Paul Heyman being backstage now:

Not really [anything has changed]. I feel like all the boys in the locker room, everyone has started to up our game and make the most of what we can get. To do our roles the best we can and make the show the best it can be. Nothing crazy dramatic, but a little bit over time since I’ve been here … slowly we have all tried to do everything we can to the best of our abilities.

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