Dalton Castle On ROH Losing Core Roster Members, Why He’s Not Worried About The Turnaround

Dalton Castle recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam, and the Ring Of Honor star says the changing look of the wrestling landscape leaves no cause for concern. Castle talks about All Elite Wrestling’s creation and says although he doesn’t like losing friends at work, he is happy for them and ROH will move on just like they have in the past.

“You got to be out of your mind to think Ring Of Honor is at risk right now. I’ve only been with the company for about five years and already I feel like I’ve lived through three of these—where people are like ‘Oh no, they’ve lost those big core members, how ever will they survive?’ We’re gonna be just fine. Ring Of Honor has been around for 16 years and we’ve done this again and again and we continue turning out the best product we possibly can, the greatest wrestling in the world.

We lose very talented and brilliant performers and it’s sad to see them go, and selfishly I do not like to lose my friends, but I love to see people succeed and move on to what makes them happy. And what makes me happy is succeeding and being with Ring Of Honor, I know what makes them happy is a peacock with some muscles putting on a performance of a lifetime. So I’m proud to be here at the moment and I don’t think I can speak for the entire locker room, but I’ll speak for myself right now: Not worried.”

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