Details Behind The Tessa Blanchard vs. Sami Callihan Match At Slammiversary XVII

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is reporting several interesting details regarding the main event intergender match between Sami Callihan and Tessa Blanchard last night at IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary show in Dallas, TX.

Meltzer has stated on his latest episode of “Wrestling Observer Radio” that this match was all about showcasing Blanchard, even with her losing to Callihan. The finish was always going to be Tessa losing as there was a concern in the company that she would get Roman Reign-like heat if she were to go over Callihan in an intergender match, perhaps giving fans the perception that she is being pushed too over-the-top. Meltzer also confirms that there is no truth to the social media rumors in Callihan not wanting to do the job for Tessa.

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