Sami Callihan Defeats Tessa Blanchard In The Main Event Of Slammiversary

Tessa Blanchard and Sami Callihan made history at Slammiversary 2019; they competed in the first intergender main event match in the history of Impact Wrestling. The contest was also remarkable because few, if any promotions, have featured an intergender match as the main event of a pay-per-view event. Callihan constantly disrespected Blanchard throughout the match. Blanchard turned the tables with a cutter on the ramp. Callihan locked her in an STF but Blanchard demonstrated her heart by fighting to reach the ropes.

With the referee down, Callihan blasted Blanchard with a bat but she kicked out of a pin attempt. Blanchard spit in Callihan’s face, hit him below the belt and almost made Callihan tap out. She kicked out of a package piledriver but Callihan pinned her after another piledriver.

After the match, Callihan gave one of his bats to Blanchard as a sign of respect.

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