Kofi Kingston On WWE Possibly Holding A Big Event In Ghana, His Next Mountain To Climb As WWE Champion

While in Saudi Arabia for WWE Super ShowDown, Kofi Kingston did an interview with Arabic wrestling website WrestlingAC.com and the WWE Champion touched upon several interesting topics including tagging with CM Punk and who his dream opponents would be from NXT.

Kofi Kingston on if we’ll ever see a big WWE show in Ghana:

“I think anything is possible, but nothing official has been made yet. If you look at the track record of WWE right now, especially with us having the Performance Center in Europe, and also another one announced in India—there might be some in Saudi too. I think there are plans to be a training center in this area. Right now, WWE is doing a great job of being able to go around the world and plant some firm roots, so hopefully down the line that leads to having shows in Ghana. I will be waiting with bated breath, hopefully. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.”

On his dream opponent:

“Honestly, I want to go up against the best. I want to face everybody. That’s why you saw me on RAW telling Brock Lesnar to cash in his briefcase on me. A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, don’t do that because Brock, whoever he cashes in the briefcase on, he’s automatically going to win!’ I want to be the best WWE Champion that I can possibly be and the only way to do that is by beating the best. I will not shy away from going up against a Brock Lesnar, or even a guy like [motions towards Seth Rollins] Seth. Becoming the WWE Champion, it’s like climbing one mountain, and now I’m at the top of that mountain, only to be at the bottom of another mountain. That mountain is becoming the best WWE Champion possible. There is no single dream opponent, it’s everybody. We have such an amazing amount of talent on the roster and I want to mix it up with all of them.”

On who he’d choose from NXT to face him for the WWE Championship:

“Again, there is too much down there. Adam Cole is awesome, Johnny Gargano is awesome, Roderick Strong is awesome. I can’t just mention names because I’m going to leave names out. Tyler Breeze too is amazing, you know there’s way too much talent for me to pick one. Against the same situation where I’m hoping all of those guys make it up to the roster at some point in time. The ‘TakeOver” just had was probably the best “TakeOver” ever, so to see that kind of talent doing what they are doing, it makes me excited. Eventually they are gonna make the main roster and we are gonna have great matches. The future is definitely bright.”

On who his favorite wrestler was to tag with besides Big E or Xavier Woods:

“Aside from The New Day? It’s tough… so I was Tag Team Champions with CM Punk which was awesome, I learned so much from him. He is one of the guys who took me under his wing when he did not have to, and I was always grateful for that friendship. You know being tag team partners with R-Truth—always fun you know he is always just making you laugh when you are out there and every single moment that we had together was always fun, so I was always appreciative of that. Evan Bourne, same thing—super cool guy, super athletic guy. Two guys that when we would get in there we try to outdo each other you know like I see him doing something cool, I would like to do something cool too, so it is an awesome experience for me to see him up close and personal. Some of the things that he does are just out of this world, so again I feel like I’m copping out on a lot of your answers, but I can’t possibly pick a favorite because everybody has their benefits and strengths, different things that I enjoyed about tagging with them.”

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