Titus O’Neil Dances Like A Dad, Bayley Talks About Her Bounce Back Win

Photo by Jeffrey Brown/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Titus O’Neil Dances Like A Dad

Titus O’Neil not only prides himself on being a great WWE superstar, but on being a good father. Takin to Twitter earlier today, he shared a video of he and his sons dancing, letting fans know that even if it’s a silly moment, he cherishes his chances to be around his children, and shared a link for other fathers to click on to learn how to make more moments with their children.

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Bayley Talks About Her Bounce Back Win

After her victory over Nikki Cross during yesterday’s SmackDown Live, Bayley caught up with the WWE backstage to discuss why he her victory was an important one. According to the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, she needed to bounce back after a string of rough matches. She also discussed the allegations from Alexa Bliss that she had been liking certain posts on social media.