WWE SmackDown Live Results (6/11): Big E Returns, Miz Gets Another Shot At Shane, R-Truth Is Going To LA

The Miz kicks off tonight’s show with Miz TV and says his mood is… a picture of his father on his t-shirt. Miz says he’s being forced to stick to the script and boorishly reads through some lines while introducing Drew McIntyre and the breast in the world. No wait, there’s a smudge and Miz isn’t wearing prescription lenses, then re-reads it and says it’s clear it’s the PEST In The World, Shane McMahon.

Shane makes Greg Hamilton do his intro again, then Elias plays some chords while Shane brags about beating Roman Reigns at WWE Super Showdown. Miz says Shane’s wins are tainted, then goes on a rant about Shane getting lucky, but Shane says ‘tomayto, tomahto’ and it doesn’t matter. Miz plays the video of Roman Reigns reacting to the match, then Drew says now it’s his turn. Drew says Roman’s problem is that he always lets his emotions get the best of him, and when he hurts people, he enjoys it and feels no pity. Drew says his weapon is the Claymore Kick, and he’s going to kick Roman’s head off at WWE Stomping Grounds. Shane hypes their match but Miz says Drew can match Roman, it’s just too bad Drew is being wasted as Shane’s lackey. Miz says Shane is a talentless hack that hit the genetic lottery, but Shane comes back and says Miz is jealous he shares his genes with a baked potato. Miz gets in his face, but Drew steps in between them as Shane says if Miz wants the match, he’s got it… on two conditions. Shane says if Miz can beat Elias, and he can beat Drew, only then will he get his ‘dream’ match… but he’s going to face Elias right now.

The Miz vs. Elias

Miz fights out of a headlock and connects with some strikes and knees in the corner, but Elias knocks him down and goes for Drift Away. Miz blocks it but Elias connects with a powerbomb, then he heads up top but Miz rolls away and connects with Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

Winner – The Miz