Val Venis On Why He Respected Mr. Perfect So Much, Hennig’s Fight With Brock Lesnar

Val Venis gave a great interview with The Hannibal TV and discussed Curt “Mr. Perfect” Hennig. He talked about getting to compete with one of his idols, Hennig’s fight with Brock Lesnar, and much more.

Check out highlights below:

Transcription by Senior Editor Tyler Treese.

On his respect for Curt Hennig:

Mr. Perfect was one of the top performers in the industry. When he was the Intercontinental Champion years before I was, he was someone I looked up to. He was one of those technical guys.  That’s what I liked about the IC title, the most technical guys always went for it. So, to get into the ring with someone I always looked up to for his wrestling ability, not so much his character as I never really cared for the character, but his wrestling ability was something I admired. He was very confident in the ring and at executing different moves. Great dropkick. It looked so effortless. He was one of those guys I watched, studied, and tried to emulate in many ways.”

On Brock Lesnar and Mr. Perfect getting into a fight on an airplane:

From what I understand is that they had some words. Not sure what they are since I’ve heard different stories. They got in each other’s faces and then they were locked up and slamming each other into the emergency exit door. it was a little worrisome for people on that plane. I don’t know the whole story behind it, but when they were fighting they were smashing into that exit door.

On the shape Hennig was in when he got released from WWE:

I think Curt Hennig could’ve gone for several more years. He was always in incredible shape. He put in the time and always set goals. He made decisions that would lead him toward the goals he set. He was always in top-notch shape.

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