Vickie Guerrero On Post-WWE Life, A Lack Of Managers On TV, Potential Hall Of Fame Induction

Vickie Guerrero recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam and talked about her post-WWE life, saying it’s fun to meet fans and show them a different side. Vickie noted that some fans are surprised to see she’s not like her villainous on-air character:

“Life has been great. Even though I miss WWE every day—it’s hard not to miss it—I just got back from Arctic Comic Con in Alaska which was really great. My next Comic Con is going to be in June, and that’s going to be the River City Comic Con on June 29. They keep me busy every month.

When I get to see the fans outside of WWE I get to spend a lot of time with them because they come to my booth and I get to talk to them. They can’t believe what a nice person I am; they walk up with [a vile look] on their face and it’s really fun to smile and they’re like ‘oh, you smile?’ I like to smile. [laughs] They walk away going ‘oh you’re really cool and so sweet’ and I go, ‘there’s different sides to it, I’m a multi-personality character.’ For them to see that I’m just an ordinary person that likes the hustle of working in the wrestling industry and being a mom, going to school and acting, they walk away going ‘OK, you’re kinda cool after all.’”

When asked if she has a favorite female wrestler, Vickie put over Ruby Riott and Becky Lynch as two names she enjoys, but said all of the new incoming talent is good for the product overall:

“Ruby Riott, I love her. I think she’s great. I love Becky Lynch. I got to work with them in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble, and so I really got to meet them for the first time by working together. I would see them in NXT, but these women are really talented, and I’m so glad I didn’t piss them off because I’d hate to be on the other side of their punches or kicks. They are some of my favorites and of course the whole roster does a great job, but there are new faces and talent coming in that’s just exciting for the product.”

When asked if she thinks there’s a lack of non-wrestling women on TV now Vickie agreed, saying managers aren’t like they used to, and most of the TV time now is relegated to in-ring talent.

“Oh yeah, when I had a match I tried to cheat my self out of it or faint, that way I wouldn’t feel good enough to finish the match. To have a non-wrestler, it’s kind of daring now because you actually have to be a wrestler to get TV time. The managers now are not used like I was used back then, so you kind of see the shift move between good and bad and how much they get involved. There’s a lot of moving parts of the product today that [were more like] some of the stuff we did back then.”

Vickie was also asked about a potential WWE Hall Of Fame induction, and she emphatically said she’d be up for the honor and would embrace it:

“Oh hell yes! [laughs] Whenever that phone call happens—Torrie Wilson, it took her 15 years—I’m thinking it’s going to be awhile until they call me. The day that they do, if and when they think that it’s my time to be inducted, I will be ready with open arms and embrace the whole moment. It’s such an honor with all of the people that are already there, so if I’m ever able to be thought of to be inducted, it would be a prayer off of my list that I would be thankful for.”

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